Friday, July 25, 2014

Cute little French book

A nice little funky book

Sometimes you may want to construct a quick project, perhaps to tie on a gift for a crafter.
My little book is very adaptable so have fun adding as many pages as you like.
I gather scraps from my desk often and whip up one of these

You need: paper : assorted, double size of finished booklet
I like 6 x 3” or 6 x 4”, fold in half.
Cover: Paper should be sturdy and 2 inches longer that pages and same width.

eg. 4 x 8”

Scraps of cotton fabric 2-3 pieces about 2.5 inches square , for decorations
A stamped homespun fabric label.
Use anything you have and stamp a torn piece of fabric to name the book.
Scraps of materials such as organza, lace, old pieces of clothing, scraps of silk or muslin.
Pages are torn to size, about 6 pieces of old school book paper, lined writing paper, newsprint, and anything you have about.
I also added some quotes on strips of paper.
You could use pieces of ledger or text from a book.
Sewing machine and thread

Make cover:

Fold in one inch on either end of bigger sturdy paper.
On outside place cover flat and arrange fabric and stamped tag how you want it to look
Take to machine and sew around each piece
Fold to mark spine.
Layer the paper pieces, fabric scraps, quotes or other papers, do not worry about edges meeting.

Fold and sew down the center to hold in place, use a big stitch

Add the cover:

Place cover over the sewn spine and layer an extra torn piece of fabric inside if you like. I did on some of my books, sew all together.

Finish booklet
Glue a piece of paper over inside of cover to hide sewing.
I used newsprint so it could have a dedication written on it.

Stacked books by Lilla


Lottie me said...

Fabulous - I am just off to bed as it is soooo late - but will be back tomorrow to catch up on all your other posts on here

Night night

Pat C. said...

Thank you for sharing your cute little book idea! What I love about them is that they don't have to be "perfect"... in fact, the less "perfect", the more charming they are! xoxo