Friday, October 28, 2016

holidays inspired by ' Vie a la Campagne' magazine

When I was in France a couple of years back I picked up a pretty issue of French Country Life magazine
It is full of Holiday settings and handmade projects
There are no instructions but I chose 3 to re-create, I used supplies I had on hand
here are some results
first is the stocking, made of country linen and simple in design
I drew a similar stocking on newspaper and luckily had some fabric to sew this lined stocking
here is the magazine picture

magazine pic
Here is my version

next is the angelic gift box
the old gold trim is around the lid, not shown here

magazine pic

Lilla's version

 last is a hanging glass vase
Mine is small, I wrapped the neck with wire to make the hanger
added some vintage hat flowers and voila!
The bigger carafe has pretty flowers inside
Both bottles are French, had them forever!
my 2 glass bottles

several bottles from the magazine
I will check another magazine and see if I can copycat some more ideas
Tell me what you think please, I do love to hear from you all.
all my items are for sale.

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Shirley said...

I like your versions even more than those photographed in the magazine.